Should you outsource your language translation?

Posted: November 24th, 2015

If you are looking to expand into new foreign markets, you will undoubtedly need to have a number of different documents translated at some point. The obvious documentation would be: brochures, user guides, maintenance manuals and contracts.

Outsourcing copySo the question is, are you best using an in-house translator or a professional translation Company? Both have their advantages and disadvantages and so it is important to make an informed choice to ensure you make the best decision for your business.

Points to consider when employing an in-house translator

Employing an in-house translator to work in the same premises is convenient and there at your fingertips when ever you need it. You will need to have sufficient office space and be confident that you will have enough regular work to justify a monthly salary as opposed to paying a per word fee.

There could be benefits of being able to have a translator collaborate with other employees and departments, especially if you have other in-house departments such as marketing and design.

Managing translation internally is sometimes difficult to scale as the business grows, which could lead to deadlines being missed and quality suffering. It is important to consider that testing products and services in new markets with new languages may not be possible without using an outsourced translator.

An in-house translator might cost effective when there are large amounts of translation work, but these days translation is not just taking a document and translating it, there is now science, tools and method to it. Anyone translating must use translation Memory Tools to make the most of already translated documentation and utilising it for the future.

Points to consider when using a professional translation company

Using a professional translation company is less risky, requires less upfront investment and is much more flexible. Using professional mother tongue translators guarantees the highest translation quality and a faster output with the flexibility to be able to have a document translated in any language.

Good translation agencies guarantee their work and use cutting-edge technology such as Translation memory Tools to ensure consistency with language term bases, whilst driving down cost via less words to translate and almost automated laying out of text (no more tedious cutting & pasting!!).

Using an outsourced translator might mean a slightly higher rate, but if your translation needs are on an ad-hoc basis you will find that you save money by only paying for the services you require, when you require them. The technology behind translation now also means translation is no longer a luxury, it is a reality for anyone wanting to export their products.

Outsourcing your translation work will ultimately ensure that you have access to the right mother tongue translator with relevant industry experience. It will also ensure that a translator is available when you need them. You’ll never have to wait for your translator to come back from annual leave or worry that they don’t have enough work to be cost effective.

In-house provides maximum control while outsourced offers maximum flexibility and opens doors to cost saving technologies. Whether you are looking for an in-house linguist or outsourcing to a Translation Company, it is imperative you think of these issues:

  • Are they using translation memory tools?
  • The databases resulting from this translation memory – who owns it?
  • Will the company/individual deliver to you the translation memory database with every new translation (tmx)?
  • Do they carry professional indemnity insurance?
  • Always ask for references from previous clients, as in any Industry there are ‘cowboys’ out there…

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