FLS launch Machine Translation

Posted: November 12th, 2015

Foreign Language Services are pleased to announce that they have launched a Machine Translation service for their larger clients and prospective customers. Not to be confused with readily available generic free machine translation you may find on the internet, intelligent machine translation is a very big leap beyond this…

keyboard_02Ann Elphick, Owner at Foreign Language Services, commented:

“It is a service that is not suited to everyone – we realise that. However, bigger customers who have a large requirement for translation and they have existing ‘Translation Memory Databases’ could benefit significantly from this enhanced capability. Essentially we are taking their translation memory databases to create a translation engine dedicated and tailor made to their own style, tailor made for their business.  This enables a first pass translation via the engine followed with human post edit. Not only can this drastically reduce the time taken to translate, but you can be looking at around a 30 to 40% reduction on human quality translations”.

It is an important feature of our company, that we are forward thinking, always at the forefront of cutting edge technologies, yet an independent company that listen’s to the need of every client. Every client is treated as an individual, creating a feeling of mutual partnership.

To enquire about machine translation for your business do not hesitate to contact Foreign Language Services: T: +44 (0)1785 255067 or E: translations@fls-ltd.com.